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Yes, It is insane.

Where to start. Cody had a website, and he "channelled" a female entity. I don't know what to make of it. I also do not trust the so called new age ascention movement.


Yes, the "terror " agenda since 9/11 is building up religious tensions between islam and christians, and even if these staged events are fake, which I believe they are, it does create chaos and fear on both fronts. The Georgia Guidestones tell us they don't mind getting rid of the greater part of the population, so why not support an invasion into Europe, first send in the refugees, then later on when tensions spread, the troops. How convenient, if ppl slaughter each other and the director and crew put their bets on the outcome. Yes, lives don't matter, these are psychopaths, without empathy.

Seems Papal state is getting it's share , a cardinal or bishop in Washington DC in trouble over cover up, but the Pope ( in reality the general of the Jesuits ) is probably going to retire...
If you are familiar with the jesuit oath, if not look into it.

The strange weather, which has nothing to do with climate change, but is a product of planes at high altitude spreading chemicals in the air. My personal observation is that the sun when it shines is brighter and burning hot. The clouds are strange and sometimes even look dirty. The thunderstorms are extremely electric. It's beyond normal. The chemicals involved like aluminem, barium, strontium, probably explain the above. Fireworks. These idiots will kill every species on earth, believing that they will be safe in their bunkers.

Then there ' s nanoparticles. In all big brands like Coca C, Danone etc, these are added. Look it up, These will make for easy infiltration in pur minds. ( we no longer own our bodies, the church does, this is our birth certificate) the next step after Monsanto, which isn't gone but morphed into Bayer. And what about Blue Beam, the aliens as scapegoat, this is Holy wood over the top ! But hey they think we are stupid ...and programmed...

TBird, must watch globalavenger post hurricanes...

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