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Hi Amy

While watching James Bond Movie-Quantum of Solace,

The bad guy Greene dialogues how He can coup a government for resources in a week,
The CIA has agents on the ground ..flying Greene around in Lear Jets...and pulling strings.

"The illegal We do immediately. ...the unconstitutional takes a little longer "

Henry Kissinger

I'd like to think We* ...have educated some... to snap out of their delusional about Government....and God.

Over 80% of alternative Internet news or publish is Controlled opposition.

One needs Reasoning skills navigate these Rapids.


Since Fukushima. ...yours truly had to turn away enjoy fishies from the Pacific.
So ya....No Tuna,Salmon etc.

Local store chain has huge shrimp from Argentina...they taste like Lobster, .just as the package claims.

Salmon from the Atlantic....when it's on sale.

Information about reduced Bird and insect populations Canada/US Pacific NW is real.
Seal populations are near extinction levels...same for Killer Whales (Orca)

It's weird....
The Earth is changing like Edgar Cayce spoke of,
And Few bat and eye...

Tell that Fukushima is killing the Pacific
The same crowd that defends 911...says your a conspiracy theorist.

The Ocean may rebound....yet not in yours and my lifetime.

The Fires in the North America West have been incredible.
It's still smokey in Calgary...even with recent rains.

Chemtrailing and Fukushima are changing Earth ....and not for the good.

Of all Species on Earth,
We have a malevolent trend towards Gaia which is ....Un Natural.

We destroy our environment, we hate existing on this planet.

Yet....our Blue sphere is the most Splendid and Beautiful ...above All we know.



The US Admin is insane. ..
Or they are puppets of Rothschilds.

Only a few nations not owned by BIS/Rothschilds Central Banking system and ruined after taking IMF loans.
Guess who ...

All this war drums drama vs Iran in media,
And guess what. .
The Iranian leaders are criminals like you can't imagine.

Weirdo Mullahs and Clerics and Military Generals with $$$ Millions*** in offshore bank accounts ...[dial 1 800 Kabuki theatre ] !

It's sick Amy...
Iranians would tear them to pieces if they knew the truth.

This beautiful Earth is Crime planet....3rd from the Sun.

As mentioned. ...One needs Reasoning skills to navigate the Crocodile waters.

T Bird

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