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The preparations for the coming war have been carefully planned by the US neocon/

Israeli alliance which has driven most of the recent wars. Their securing of UK & French poodle

support also was well prepared. Carefully coordinated 'chemical' attacks have done the trick.

The hapless British government & establishment immediately cried 'chemical attack - Russia did it'

No evidence of course, just feed the presstitutes with predictable fodder.


Then another fabrication in Syria engineered by those 'white helmet' Western mercenaries.


The pathetic mainstream media led by The Ministry of Truth - the BBC - have all

been banging the drums of war. Outrage never requires evidence in their compliant world.


It was meant to lead to an invasion of Syria by the (defeated) US/Israeli/ Saudi proxywar

coalition (plus assorted co-opted jihadists) which has been creating havoc in Syria for years.

From Syria an easy extension (by the usual mission creep strategy) into the real target - Iran.

That didn't quite go to plan. Remember Donald's attention span is limited.

They really hadn't counted on Russia saying 'no' to the destruction of Syria.

How dare those peskie Russkies say 'enough'!

Don't they know who's boss?

Not a US president who believes bravado & talking tough gets a 'better deal'. He barely comprehends

how he is being manipulated by the deep state . He will get any blame going but will only be tolerated as

long as he does the bidding of the real 'axis of evil' which drives US foreign policy. That paranoid

Israeli driven neocon deep state.

Now the focus moves to Iran. As the apartheid state of Israel slaughters unarmed Palestinians it also attacks

Iranian positions in Syria. All this aggression in the name of 'defense' of course. How could it be

otherwise when you are, in your own mind anyway, 'History's Victim' ? Paranoia what paranoia?

Don't expect the presstitutes to call out Israel's crimes. Being accused of antisemitism is much more

worrying for them than standing up for slaughtered Palestinians in the Israeli concentration camp

known as Gaza []


Meanwhile the sheeple in the US & UK appear oblivious to the nightmare conflagration which awaits.

Iran will not compliantly accept instructions from Uncle Sam or his untrained attack dog Israel.

Although who is the dog & who is the tail is debatable.


The mainstream media keep beating the drums of war - evil Iran, Russia & China must be contained.

They pose a threat & must be confronted.

Most of the world knows only too well who the real threat to peace is of course.


History tells them; Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Libya. Millions have died having 'freedom' imposed on them.

And the fourth estate?


Alternative media still exists for the minority who have any critical faculties left.

But not for long . As war approaches watch the alternative voices be snuffed out on 'national security' grounds.

Censorship has already started but nothing like a 'crisis' to ratchet it into full Orwellian proportions.....

Just like 9/11 was used to create & wage that perpetual war on 'terror'. That new 'Pearl Harbour'.


That went well didn't it?

Will the silent majority find their voice & speak up or slumber on into oblivion?

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