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The view from Germany....


Are the neocons losing 'the narrative' on Iran?


Probably not.

Their push for war on Iran is unrelenting.
But just as Saudi Arabia found with their war in Yemen, against Iranian backed rebels,
bombing from the air is not pain free. Not when you lose your petro-chemical industry
in the process.
Iran will not submit to Saudi Arabia, Israel or the USA.
What can destroy a petroleum plant can also destroy Tel Aviv.
And can totally disrupt the world's oil supply.

Maximum sanctions and pressure on Iran (undeclared war by the USA) will only
result in Iran bringing down the house of cards of the world economy.
Over-leveraged , over-financialized & soon to be 'over'.

Then the shooting war begins.
Don't expect China & Russia to sit on the sidelines.
Syria was a line in the sand. Iran will be a bigger one.
Lets hope it doesn't go nuclear.
But don't put anything past the Israelis, or Uncle Sam.
The Patriot anti missile system didn't work in Saudi Arabia & it won't
save the US homeland.Not from Russia's hypersonic missiles.




So where did it all go wrong?

Here's the story so far...





The preparations for the coming war have been carefully planned by the US neocon/

Israeli alliance which has driven most of the recent wars.

UK poodle status is assured, for some reason it supplies a fig leaf of legitimacy.

Syria was the first target.

It was meant to lead to an invasion of Syria by the US/Israeli/ Saudi proxy-war

coalition (plus assorted co-opted jihadists) which has been creating havoc in Syria for years.

From Syria an easy extension (by the usual mission creep strategy) into the real target - Iran.

That didn't quite go to plan. Donald kept remembering at least one of his pre-election promises.

They really hadn't counted on Russia saying 'no' to the destruction of Syria.

That wasn't in the playbook. The US has forgotten the lessons of its military defeat in Vietnam.

It had learned not to commit ground troops. To save on the problem of bodybags arriving back home.

It had learned to use proxies to carry out its dirty work. It learned to kill countless hundreds of

thousands from the air , or extra-judicially murder suspects from the comfort of drone chairs.

But it forgot what happens when faced with an adversary more resolute that it is.

Trump a US president who believes bravado & talking tough gets a 'better deal' has learned that
bullying works in the US system of capitalism.

He barely comprehends how he is being manipulated by the deep state .
He will get any blame going but will only be tolerated as long as he does the bidding of the real
'axis of evil' which drives US foreign policy. That paranoid Israeli driven neocon deep state.

Where we are on Iran:

Obama successfully negotiated a deal to circumvent the development of Iranian nuclear weapons.
Not good enough for the Israelis or Donald Trump.
So the US reneges on the deal. Then imposes 'sanctions' against Iran.
Then coerces other countries to support its sanctions.

Sanctions are the US's new form of undeclared war on numerous countries around the world.
One which depends on the US dollar & financial systems. A new form of unregulated warfare along
with cyber-warfare- like the attack perpetrated by Israel on Iran's centrifuges, thought to be enriching uranium.

Iran will not compliantly accept instructions from Uncle Sam or his attack dog Israel.

Although who is the dog & who is the tail is debatable.


The mainstream media keep beating the drums of war - evil Iran, Russia & China must be contained.

They pose a threat & must be confronted.

Most of the world knows only too well who the real threat to peace is of course.


History tells them; Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Libya. Millions have died having 'freedom' imposed on them.

And the fourth estate?


Alternative media still exists for the minority who have any critical faculties left.

But not for long . As war approaches watch the alternative voices be snuffed out on 'national security' grounds.

Censorship has already started but nothing like a 'crisis' to ratchet it into full Orwellian proportions.....

Just like 9/11 was used to create & wage that perpetual war on 'terror'. That new 'Pearl Harbour'.


That went well didn't it?

Will the silent majority find their voice & speak up or slumber on into oblivion?

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