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Just as those who defend 911 Official account,...they defend Apollo Moon landings primarily
On......We watched it on TV....
And the Government said.

Consider the 1st NASA chief Administrator...
Is he a Rocket scientist. .or a Hollyweird spoof Magi?


Freemasonic code......Can you keep a Secret ??

He'd been the NASA Administrator from 1961, overseeing the build-up to the manned lunar missions. But, for some reason, he resigned as NASA Administrator just days before the manned Apollo 8 launch to the Moon, the culmination of eight years of work. Why would he do this? Surely he'd want to see out his achievement? Any thoughts? I can't find a reasonable answer anywhere.(reddit)

Wow.....then there is President Lyndon Johnson refuse to run for 2nd term in 1968.

1968 obviously intimidated a few people : )


Lots and lots of point info to consider.


We saw them walk on the Moon on TV...
NASA/JPL said. .. : )

T Bird

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