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If....if after 911 False Flag event,....and God knows how many Completely fake/false flag
School or public venue shootings,
Ya...if Americans can't figure it out on common sense, ....then You Deserve Police State! ,TSA grab your junk,....detain without lawyer,....charge a person defending them self with resisting arrest ,

Ya...You guys deserve the Fascist boot .

Trump says arm the Teachers?!....Liberal Tard Teacher and a 9mm Glock?

Guess what....You get all teachers become TSA Be'atch.

What's next. ...Gulags? ,
OH wait....America has the largest Prison system on the Planet, can own stock even.

Dial 1 800 Fear!,
The Deep State been pushing all the crazy to keep Merrika in Fear,
Guns and ammo fly off the shelves,
Talking CIA CNN/MSNBCIA. ...Propoganda the sheeple.

How many $$$ Millions made by control media on Fake Russia/Putin Hacked Election,
Control DNC/RNC..?

You've gone from Vietnam War,58,000 dead,over 5000 aircraft shot down,
To guarding Opium poppy fields in Afghanistan for 16 years.

It's Police state for you,....and Your Gonna Like it!

Enjoy the Mexico,
Enjoy the new TSA teacher with a 9mm Glock.

T Bird

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