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Hi Dean

911 for me was an awakening ...
Not just seeing 911 for the False Flag it was,
It elevated awareness which for me became re examin JFK assassination,
Apollo Moon landings,
Vietnam war (Gulf of Tonkin)

It cost me posting on my daily pastime website Freerepublic,
Ya...I was banned.
Lasted another year at Liberty Post. ..was banned for criticising Israel.

In last year ...Amazon has dumped numerous books published,
YouTube dump 1000s of Tube's which exposed Deepstate.
Last decade saw many Internet radio program hosts dumped by stations like RBN,

It's been continual since 911...
The great danger today / that Freedom of speech is being eviscerated

Tragic...the Screaming Rock Harpies cheer as this most critical Right is decimated.
They willingly participate in the wholesale destruction of Society.

The deepstate/Fascism marches on...
Society is fractured...
The 1% continue to enjoy the profits of the Ponzi Wallstreet machina and puppet Government under the thumb of the Jeckyl Island Federal Reserve.

Find it fascinating. ..the various theme refs in Star Trek series,Voyager etc,
How mankind went to WW 3,...genetic augment wars.

We are trending this direction and what's really scary is the possibility Robotics/AI will
Be used to subjugate us to derision.
Once they do not need us working for them. ..when debt servitude not enough.
They might cull humanity in wars...even ethnic cleansing of certain people's.

Today. ...some push back against the system. ..we push back against our own kind who facilitate for that system.
Robotics/AI will not stop to be negotiated with.

WW 2 closure was to be the end of Fascism found new hosts. ...more terrible than the former.

T Bird

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