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Any comments about the numerous kids/witnesses who are positive that there was a second shooter?


Conspiracy theorists look into stuff like this. People, such as yourself, simply - and always - accept the official narrative. I would wager that you still think Paddock was the lone, crazed, gunman responsible for Vegas massacre. ;)

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A forum record!! 2173 Hawklord53 15-Feb-18 21:05
Re: A forum record!! 289 WhoWeird 15-Feb-18 22:30
Re: A forum discussion 276 Racho 16-Feb-18 21:51
Re: A forum discussion 300 Raja 17-Feb-18 00:22
Re: A forum discussion 279 Raja 18-Feb-18 14:55
I see that all is not as it seems once again 312 Racho 19-Feb-18 00:34
Teacher's account...shooter in full body armour? 236 Racho 26-Feb-18 19:12
Re: A forum record!! 240 Aine 27-Feb-18 01:47
Just so typical 258 Racho 27-Feb-18 02:33
Hey dummies...can you understand the implications of what this student/witness is telling you? 250 Racho 27-Feb-18 08:36
Got the intellect Budgie? 238 Racho 27-Feb-18 08:44
Re: Got the intellect Budgie? 231 Aine 27-Feb-18 18:53
Ever answer a question? 229 Racho 27-Feb-18 19:41
Re: Ever answer a question? 252 Aine 27-Feb-18 22:08
Off the rails? you're ridiculous 227 Racho 27-Feb-18 22:31
Re: Off the rails? you're ridiculous 218 Aine 27-Feb-18 22:34
No ability to think for yourself obviously. 223 Racho 27-Feb-18 22:41
Re: No ability to think for yourself obviously. 235 Aine 27-Feb-18 22:54
You're pathetic 225 Racho 27-Feb-18 23:02
Re: You're pathetic 227 Aine 27-Feb-18 23:06
Re: You're pathetic 243 Racho 27-Feb-18 23:12
Re: Eyes Open 220 Thunderbird 01-Mar-18 22:24
Re: A forum record!! 230 Hawklord53 02-Mar-18 16:47
Re: A forum record!! 525 Thunderbird 02-Mar-18 17:07

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