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So, some new horror stories since the last post include -

A charity organization exploits a natural disaster area
A peacekeeper organization exploits a man made disaster area
A college teacher directs his own depraved dark web horror story
A kids football coach is handed an historic, or meaningless sentence
And now?
The "I have" movement
Get ready for your sympathetic strings to be plucked by the courageous rapist brave enough to say "I have",
oh, and let's protect their identity,
in order, of course, to protect the victims identity.
I'm not sure if the victim's identity needs protection at this point,
and the fact they are already a victim,
suggests to me that protection is a one way street here,

I'll come back to that, but for now, on with the show,
and back to the original dilemma,

A person spends weeks online sexually grooming a "child",
eventually a meeting is arranged,
but instead of a "child", the groomer is confronted by paedophile hunters.

At this point I see only black and white,
That person, " the groomer", has crossed a line.
Its that simple.

Entrapment?, well, if you set a trap...
and also, how do you think the police do it?
and forget the flap about "can't stomach the uncomfortable live steam",
I agree,
hearing what these people are saying to the " child" turns my stomach too,
but, if it harms conviction then stop it,
and if there is a legal problem in securing conviction,
then we are back to the guidance issue,

Some say the police don't have the resources to adequately police this,
economy and budget and all that,
Well clearly there are people willing to do it voluntarily,

"people cannot take the law into their own hands!"
but clearly, here is a situation where people are compelled, and willing to,

"they risk breaking the law themselves"
again, clearly, here are people willing to take that chance,
and don't forget why.

Give guidance to what is essentially a group of concerned citizens performing a specialized neighborhood watch,
help them do it right, within all our laws,

because that seems to be where the problems arise,
securing convictions,
maybe that area needs more attention and clarity,

If experts are having trouble explaining something that appears simple,
then maybe they are making it too complicated,

When people see something simply,
but are told, repeatedly, by a select few, that they are wrong,
and that it is, in fact, complicated,
eventually, they get pissed off,
and we all know what disgruntled masses can achieve,
If you don't want mob rule, don't piss off the mob,

Some people are tired of seeing grinning idiots hiding behind the blanket ideals of equality in the eyes of the law,

Sometimes the idea of right and wrong, and what's fair, in the eyes of law and justice, can appear to tip the scales,
because not all crimes are equal,
some are worse than others, and may require heavier thinking,
and heavier actions,
if only for balance.

The popular narrative is confused and distracted,

Don't get confused and distracted by arguments about methods,
Methods can be refined,
We can make this whatever we need it to be,

Don't forget the real problem we are dealing with here,
and the reason these groups exist.
They hunt and expose paedophiles.


do I support people who hunt and expose paedophiles?

Clearly, undoubtedly, and simply


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