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*what follows is personal opinion*

Well, I did say it was a horrible murky taboo subject,

There's been a good few views, but no opinions yet,

In a battle for moral high ground, to take a position,
deemed by the popular narrative as a low land, is hard,
especially if you consider yourself an open and fair minded person,
with a good grasp of right and wrong, which most of us do,
so as I've said I support the hunters, I should clarify my position,

This is a river of shit,
The best I can hope for is to make it to the side,
not climbing a moral mountain,
just trying to get out of the river,

Let's not forget the crime we're talking about here,
Paedophilia, the rape of children,
A life destroyed forever, sometimes extinguished,
because sometimes they are killers too,
ITS WRONG, no argument,

The grey area is how society deals with it,

I've heard many arguments against the vigilante approach, but for me, there's only one that holds any weight, only one,

Mistaken identity,
devastating surely,

the only rational thing to say is,
if you're a hunter, you better be 100% sure you've got the right person before you stream,
and that is a problem,
how can you be 100% sure before due process?

(There are lesser arguments,
"This person could have mental problems" is one,
no doubt I say,
another I heard was, a group of friends set up one of their mates for a sting as a practical joke!,
what sort or degenerate sense of humour thinks that's funny?,
is that where edgy humour is now?)

So back to the only argument,

To date, I've only saw 4 live streams of these stings,
There is no physical violence involved,
A suspected paedophile is confronted,
police are called, evidence handed over,
most importantly though,

Here was a person who had spent weeks online grooming what they thought they knew to be a child,
They arranged to meet this 'child' at night in either a public park, supermarket carpark, bus station and bus stop,
At this point, there is no doubt what this persons intentions are,
the problem is what follows,

I've tuned into a few broadcasts on this, and the angle of the popular narrative is clear:-

"Yes paedophilia is wrong, but so is vigilantism, and it must be stopped"

"But the police aren't doing their job" say the hunters,

"They are doing their job", replies the narrative,
" and anyway, most of your evidence doesn't stand up in court"

In. Court.

"So what evidence is needed to please the court?", the hunters ask, " help us do it right"

"Its complicated", comes the reply, " you are untrained and don't know the procedures "

So that's where we are at right now in this situation,
The hunters are asking for guidance to secure convictions,
Give it to them.

Also, its funny how
"its complicated, you wouldn't understand"
as a reply, is used in areas that affect us all,
"Oh the economy?, shit son, its complicated"
"Politics?, aw complicated"
"Laws?, the justice system?, listen, don't worry your wee head, we got experts, you go about your day"

Class and ignorance at the door?

Sometimes things don't have to be complicated,
Simply give guidance to what is essentially a specialized neighborhood watch program,
And support them,
And never forget where this problem originates, and why these groups exist,

They hunt and expose paedophiles.

I'll close with this,

The popular narrative that I'm hearing broadcast is one of two things,
Its either a fear of being seen falling off a high horse,
or there is a hidden agenda,
I hope its the first one,

Conspiracies only grow when people think they are being lied to,
So let's open up, and face this down.


The above post is a personal opinion by a regular Joe on a public message board.
The views expressed do not seek endorsement from the host or site moderators,
If any breach of the COC, or if any lines have been crossed regarding the law,
I expect the moderators to inform me, and to swiftly edit or delete anything they see fit.

This is not a shock piece, its a gut reaction,
The host, who I admire as a writer and thinker, regularly speaks of the need for a paradigm shift in many areas that affect the human race.
I agree with this thinking,

And in MY opinion this is one of these important areas.

I hope I have been careful enough,
And thank you ghmb for this platform to express my opinion.


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