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Paedophile hunters?

Just before Xmas I was made aware of "Justice reborn",
a vigilante group who perform sting operations on paedophiles,
streaming the sting live on social media.

Since then, a debate has opened up,
about the rights and wrongs of these vigilante groups

a brief and toned down overview of the back and forth goes something like this;

-I support this because it exposes paedophiles, that's good and right-
-I don't support this because it promotes vigilantism, that's bad and wrong-

Hat in the ring time folks,
I can find no fault with the hunters,
I didn't even know the was a counter argument until I heard it on a talk radio show,

Now, I've always considered myself a pretty empathetic person,
but I am struggling to see the other point of view here,
maybe I need an empathy refresher course because,
while I hear the counter arguments against these hunter groups,
in my opinion, the exposing of a paedophile out weighs and sinks all counter arguments,

A paedophile who arranges to meet and rape a child,
having spent weeks online grooming that child,
instead meets a group of adults who were pretending to be that child.
That's one-nil, and game over, in my book.

This is a horrible murky taboo subject,
but considering the recent public outrage over the "#me too" scandals,
it needs to be out in the open, not hidden,
which brings me to the placing of this post on gunpowder,

Firstly, though I believe its a global village issue,
it doesn't deserve to be buried under endless trump angled distraction,

Secondly, and most importantly,
This is core conspiracy stuff,

a few anecdotal examples,

Last year the actor Cory Fieldman said he was getting ready to expose a Hollywood paedophile ring,
The next, and last thing, I'd heard of Fieldman was,
he was being investigated over drug offences.
Druggies eh?, cant trust them,

Also last year,
the brilliant songwriter, Chris Cornell, after a lifetime of depression, took his own life,
Some sources close to Cornell, who hung himself, claim he had taken too much of a prescribed anti depressant, which is known to increase suicidal thoughts,
A month later, the singer Chester Bennington, a close friend, and godfather to Cornell's children, also took his own life,
Bennington, who also suffered depression,
and was publicly open about being a victim of child abuse,
was apparently driven over the edge by his close friend's suicide, and followed him.
Two suicidal rock stars commit suicide, case closed.

But then, the rumour,
Bennington's wife, a week or so after his death,
apparently said that both he and Cornell were in a position to expose a paedophile ring,
and as such, both were silenced.

Now, I can't vouch for the truth of these rumours,
but they are examples of how paedophilia runs with conspiracy.

Still on the fence about paedophile conspiracy and cover up?,

How about the recent stories of State run care homes for children,
or even easier,
the roman catholic church cover ups,

This is the stuff of conspiracy.
And sure, make a crack about Satan worshipping alien lizard bankers that rule the world or whatever,

It doesn't matter.

It doesn't matter if paedophilia is acted out by shape shifting demonic alien lizard bankers,
Or acted out by pieces of human shit,

It doesn't matter, because paedophilia is wrong,
So I support the hunters,

the debate seems to have turned into a battle for moral high ground,
and apparently I am wrong?

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