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We have all wondered what happened to MH370 and the search has now been going on for years.

It is interesting that the Rolls Royce engines on board were apparently monitored constantly

In the air, Rolls-Royce engines (which are in use by 500 airlines and more than 150 armed forces) are monitored by its Engine Health Management systems.(if anyone can find this site 'engine health management' please post I havnt been able to.

but for some reason no data has been released. However Rolls Royce denied they kept operating for 5 hours after the plane went missing from radar over the gulf of Thailand.


Another interesting find is that the Australian 'over the horizon radar' system on the west coast was turned off that night so could not provide any clue.


A kiwi on an oil rig in the gulf of Thailand who emailed his boss that he had seen a burning aircraft about the same time mh370 went missing was fired. []

Chinese satellite finds items in gulf of thailand [] Apparently a military exercise in progress in Gulf of Thailand same night.[]

A few days later search switches to Indian ocean. Note; if any of my tabs do not come up suggest you google it yourselves lots of stuff seems to drop out.

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