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Chessboard. All media even the alternative are under the spell of the "god" game. When Q anon message adressed voting issue, because of dems or russians or aliens messing with outcome, facial rec. will solve all that ! Ofcourse, whatelse was signed by Trump, internet approval rural 5G ( Tom Wheeler, the internet of things, which is the ultimate control over everyone and everything, the ultimate control psycho..see youtube ) the body scatter machines as of Vegas, and now facial recognition for voters (my guess). So all the rest just big distraction from real agenda 21 UN, or the thousand points of lights (Bush speech ). Our bodies and minds will not tolerate all that radiation !!! Trump is Joker card. To be or not to savior on the horizon, or maybe catastrophism will put an end to this game. Earth is close to magnetic tipping point as magnetic north is heading towards 40',


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Is this the new Mafia? 2067 Thunderbird 06-Jan-18 18:40
I don't believe so 248 Racho 06-Jan-18 23:29
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Re: Is this the new Mafia? 227 WhoWeird 07-Jan-18 02:03
Re: Is this the new Mafia? 255 Thunderbird 08-Jan-18 02:33
Re: Is this the new Mafia? 236 Thunderbird 08-Jan-18 01:48
Re: Is this the new Mafia? 438 Raja 28-Jan-18 20:04

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