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Hello GHMB

For those of you who are Trump supporters..
This publish is not to prove your choice was wrong,
Yet it does reveal what is going on in the world of geostrategics and what we term Mafia

JFK assassination had the Narrative of Mafia participation .

Trump commuting the Rubashkin sentence reveals the political intrigues which presently circle Trump and both have similar Mafia in/on their periphery.
Maybe the above is Reality since ancient times when King,Preist and Oligarchy of Rome
Had the heated argument and stomp out of the room with drama dial set to 9.

From my T Bird view....Majority of public are clueless to the above reality in play.
The denial and apologist are common on political boards. .

Putin/Russia have a Military Industrial Complex connective to their Energy sector,
Where Russian Oligarchs maneuver to maintain control and profits.
It's a shadow of the same system running in the USA....US MIC is Trillions and 800 world
Military bases greater.

The MIC system arose with the Masonic British East India company /1700s globalism which was
Take over geostrategic.,run guns and Opium.

That game evolved after WW 2 into corporations and Mafia transitions.**

Masonic Central Banking the King,Preist and Oligarchy meet at the game table.


T Bird

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