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Hi Everyone,

This week KMC ministries has a message on Supernatural Wealth Transfer, Link: [] , and although A lot of what they said is true they twisted the message and it's very disturbing. Seems they see a lot people just going away, they talk about the rapture in it but they said Kenneth wants to and see's whole plots of land and fleets of planes that they can just claim, and then be a broker of all this new free stuff.

The timing of this along with the Tax Bill/Death nail of America seem to be connected, so what are they planning? Dose Kenneth Copeland have inside knowledge on a depopulation program and they are programing the people to except that a large number of people will leave or disappear? And they were and are giddy about the thought of all this free stuff, Its very disturbing to me, especially coming from a so called Christian org.

The Wicked take by force, so was America really started by God? Which God? What they planned from the start of America Is finally being revealed in all it's ugliness & ungodliness, disguised as Good when it is Evil to the Core. If I had to find 10 politicians that observe YHWH's Truth, I do not believe I could find them, or even one actually!!!!!!!

Anyway this message and the twist they put on it, comparing it to when the Egyptians were freed from Egypt, but they claim they are going no where but they are claiming all the sinners in Americas stuff. I seen no prayers for the sinners that they see the truth and be saved, I guess If you save them you can not take their stuff after what ever plan The Satan Worshiping Government have for American's. And if they are going to do that to their own population, what do you think they have planned for the rest of the world?

Some of the agenda's today, my teachers told me they were going to be in the future, and almost everything they told me they were going to do on these twisted agenda's , I was told about in elementary and Jr. high school have almost all been adopted or look to be within months.

The boy scouts not only conspired against me but they stopped me from getting my arrow of light to stop me from becoming an eagle scout, and my Scout Leader refused to take his Eagle Scout Badge and decades later when they did give it to him, he threw it in the trash when he left there office. I Join the Air Force and turn in criminals stealing for our government and what do I get for protecting my country? They cared not about protecting the country or me but instead they protect the criminal's and I offer that these same criminal types are now in control and have been of our so called Christian Nation. Donald trump is a Criminal and Not the President of the United states, I consider Pence and all of our representatives criminals or complicate in their silence of their colleagues and the rape and killing of the world's most venerable citizens and us population. The United States is Guilty of Genocide on a world wide scale, wither you believe it or not.

I don't like saying these things, but keeping my head in the sand, and my mouth shut would make me complicate as well. I have lost respect but I have not lost Hope, there were and are two forces, one good one evil to the core fighting for the future of America and the World, Hang Tight or ten what ever you chose but Good Triumphs over Evil, Take that You Criminal piece's of Crap!!!!!!! George Washington played the part before he Got the Job!!!!!!! I wonder how many people thought he was crazy?


Lowell D. Williams VanVorhis

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