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Conservopedia using sources like Fox News, Brietbart and the Washington Times?

As U.S. President
Trump being sworn in, January 20, 2017.

Trump was inaugurated on January 20, 2017, giving one of the strongest inauguration addresses in American history.[1][2][3] His first bill signed as president was to allow retired general and Defense Secretary nominee James Mattis to be confirmed.[4] Trump had a very busy and productive first week, undoing Obama's legacy and instituting conservative executive orders.[5][6][7] He had already made a reasonably large impact by his 50th day in office.[8] President Trump accomplished many of his campaign promises by his 100th day in office, and he had already made significant progress by then, most notably by reducing regulations, enforcing American immigration laws, and appointing and having the Senate confirm his Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch.[9][10][11] In his first 100 days as president, Trump signed the most pieces of legislation of any president since Harry Truman and more executive orders than any previous president.[12] By his 100th day, it was clear that Trump had disrupted the liberal political establishment consensus.[13]

It was reported on June 10, 2017, that President Trump had signed 37 bills into law, more than each of the previous four presidents, and the U.S. House had passed 158 bills, "making it the most productive in the modern-era," according to GOP House leaders.[24] Overall, the legislature was relatively productive by mid-2017.[25] An August 2017 Pew Research Center study found that the 115th Congress was more productive than any other Congress since 2007 and had the fifth highest count of substantive bills signed into law in the past 30 years.[26]

These statistics only reference bills passed through congress. Most of which have not passed the Senate and most were not new/original legislation but bills passed with the intent of reversing previous legislation.

The White House says Trump has signed more legislation in his first 100 days than any president since Harry Truman. It's technically true; Trump signed 28 bills and resolutions into law in his first 100 days, though they generally were not major pieces of legislation. Thirteen of the 28 bills signed were done under the Congressional Review Act to roll back Obama-era regulations.

Yet the Senate continues to lag, with lawmakers in the upper chamber ranking near the bottom of the past 71 sessions of Congress when it comes to the number of bills cleared by the chamber, volume of floor activity and — perhaps most striking — the slow pace of confirmations.
On that last measure, it’s the second-worst start to a year on record and by far the worst start to a presidential term.
It’s causing friction between the two chambers. Republican leaders said Wednesday that 226 bills have cleared the House but are now piled up in the Senate, stuck in gridlock.

According to a poll taken around the 100th day of Trump's presidency, only 11% of Democrats believed that their party's opposition to Trump had yielded successful results for them.[77] A July 2017 poll found that 52% of Americans thought the Democrats only stood against Trump, rather than something more, with 37% thinking the latter.[78] The Democrats' poor performance in the special congressional elections held in the first half of 2017 illustrated their weakness and unsuccess in challenging President Trump.[79]

Again sources are the Washington Times, Brietbart and a Rassmussan poll that only involved people willing to take a computerized political survey over the phone. Anyway, why wouldn’t Democrats feel powerless when the Republicans control all branches of government and opposing Trump includes opposing his policies and those of the GOP.

The statement about special elections are misleading in that actually winning special elections to replace officials accepting positions in the administrating is rare for either party. These nominations are made in large part based on how safe the state politics are to maintain the party’s political seat. Additionally these results need updating as they only include elections up to June.

Is it’s truly your opinion that it’s a mental disorder to object to the Republicans having electing a President with the sole interest of breaking our government because of their dissatisfaction with their party.

Is it a mental disorder to be critical of Trump’s obvious ignorance and emotional problems?
Is it a mental disorder to be concerned about Trump’s indifference to the advice of foreign policy experts in favor of trolling world leaders on Twitter?

Personally I don’t think so but would offer that using the office of the Presidency to clean your political house without regard for the domestic and foreign policy responsibilities of the office is. Being unwilling to discuss the ramifications, implications and selfishness of your actions as well as the actions of your elected official is also.

Additionally, supporting one political administration using their first year after elected to undo the geo-political accomplishments of the previous administration is a very dangerous precedent to set and has nothing to do with your claimed goal in electing Donald Trump.

So to answer your concern "but none of this matters.....".
It does matter and is often discussed by those whom you ridicule as afflicted with TTSD. Your obvious intent is to dismiss the content of our concerns with your claim they are only anti-Trump or the result of our inability to deal with the Clinton election loss so why the protestation. If your going to derail any conversation about current US political events why would you expect their to be an opportunity to debate his mediocre administrative accomplishments?

Just wanted to add the observation that much of the Trump administrations accomplishments are not promoted by the Republican Party because they are clearly unsupported in polling by the majority of American’s.

Hence my thus far unchallenged diagnosis of TPDA.


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