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Listened to episode 29 on the US Supreme Court last night.
Really great interview that knocks it into the upper deck.
Exposing the Freemason Appointments historically/recently to the Supreme Court.

Explains why We the People are getting Owned** by the same crowd who Oversee the Banking*

The interview below is also excellent info...except the voice cuts out from time to time.

Jeremy Rothe-Kushel and Greg McCarron join Our Interesting Times to discuss controlled opposition, gangs and counter-gangs strategy, conspiracy culture, Zionism and the influence of the Israeli lobby in American politics. []

Lots of great podcasts in the site archive

T Bird

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Trump a puppet of Kissinger/CFR/Rothschilds 2039 Thunderbird 18-Nov-17 20:52
Re: Trump a puppet of Kissinger/CFR/Rothschilds 229 Raja 07-Dec-17 23:21
Re: Trump a puppet of Kissinger/CFR/Rothschilds 439 Thunderbird 10-Dec-17 17:13

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