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Hi Amy

Vegas shooting/False Flag has created a Rift within the Alternative community.
Jeff Rense fired James Fetzer after Fetzer refused to accept the mass carnage shooting claims.
My position on Vegas is that some people were shot,...But not the +50 dead and hundreds injured by high calibre machine gun bullets.
Vegas was drills and hired crisis actors.
Yet like your tube link on Vegas,'s like 911 for insider trading,security options and police state,
And of course. ...Blame Muslims/ISUS....which is the PNAC crowd morphed into today's Israeli/Zionist and Pentagon vs Syria,Iran and Hezbollah hysteria.
Some of the claimed dead published by media for Vegas were exposed as having passed away in other states. ..
Cui Bono ( Who benefits ) ?.....It's the usual suspects as listed above and their war agenda.
Lebanon's in trouble now,....Saudi might attack them financially...anything and everything to create tensions with Hezbollah.
Israel's freaking out now that ISUS days in Syria and Iraq are coming to an end.
Zionist lobby will pressure US military to strike at Iranian militias,PMU in Iraq and Hezbollah.

If Zionist media can get Americans to believe ISUS is attacking them in US murder spree,
The sell to launch another mid east war becomes possible as Sheeple luv the kool-aid.

T Bird

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