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Fetzer's blog has numerous articles on the recent False Flag events.

The Alternative media is roiling in competition to pusher themes which support
ISIS/Muslim Terror, ....and Gatekeeper to remove Israels Geostrategic interests from public scrutiny.

Also....Hillary Clinton using the DNC to rig the Democratic ticket vs Bernie Sanders,
And now the Uranium /Russia conspiracy.
False Flag events to get the public to look the other way,
Which now finds the Texas Church massacre as probable Hoax

Donna Brazil and others who recently outted Hillary over DNC will require full court press media spin,...and probably another Congressional investigation which will be rigged to rescue Hillary Clinton.

The general publics penchant to trust media and trust photo/video continues to give the
Deep State the high ground to continue with these cartoonish false flag events,
Such as ISIS guy gets shot numerous times and is sitting up in wheelchair the next day.

T Bird

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