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Hi Racho

I presented in another thread that i'd heard there were at least 3 operations going on at that date. 2 I heard involved Arab allies. I'm not sure if they were actual operations or just training. The video you presented is correct that most of these events are timed when other operation or training operations are in play. This is what causes the bleed over that so many conspiracist use as proof of false flag operations,etc. Pretty smart timing these actual events alongside other operations or training ops.

My take right now is we had this event mixed in with these other operations or training ops which give the appearance of of a Ocean Eleven occurring. Not to say this couldn't be true. But I haven't heard of any money being stolen. Yet, if it was this could be why were not hearing anything because the operation to catch them is still on going? Just a guess.

I haven't had time to look at the info on yet. It looks interesting. It looks like he has put in a lot of hours researching this stuff.

I think its pretty solid now that Paddock didn't shoot a thousand rounds from his position. So looking for other places seems the logical avenue to follow.

I hear you about life being busy. I've been so busy today I've had a hard time meeting my retirement nap schedule. Today I didn't get in one nap. Life is a bitch,eh! Ha Ha

thank you,dane

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