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is that some faction (black op/mercenaries) within the deep state had some sort of operation going on (Saudi's again implicated)and this went awry. I thought the guests comment re: something akin to an Ocean's Eleven scenario or similar, could be plausible but another line of thought is that this debacle is so complex and devious that the white hats in the deep state are still trying to figure this out - a comment from a different intelligence source of Jones.

Anyone who doesn't understand/believe that the deep state plans stuff like this, really need to familiarize themselves with the recent JFK doc's that were released by Trump - without redactions :)

btw...hello back.

I follow the developments as much as I can but life is busy so I rely upon guests - like the one in the vid I linked to - to help outline the discrepancies and possible connections. Press wants this one buried, as do the police ...the old 'move along folks, nothing to see here' sort of thing. FBI scoundrel next to the LV Sheriff - he's a bad bad man. A massive coverup is occurring is my view and makes me wonder if details will ever come to light with people like him at the helm.


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