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Hi Racho

Thanks interesting video. Good of you to keep up with this story. I'm an old Navy air controller and have seen this video, but without the explanation. The plane which hovered and changed direction caught my eye. Now I know why, it wasn't a plane. Now I'm not completely familiar with air controlling today. But a mix up in transponder codes between any aircraft is a big no no. If true there are some big problems going on and there should be records. Everything in air controller work is recorded. Usually the transponder codes are so different they can't be confused. Something is definitely amiss.

I'm not familiar with the M249 Saw light machine gun. But modern veterans ( I'm a Vietnam vet ), I know, tell me the acoustic pattern they hear is the Saw and not a M-16 variant. The M249 is used on a lot of helos.

I've heard there is still a lot of data and intel which hasn't been released. Which again I've been told means the investigation or operation is ongoing.

thank you,dane

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