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My intent is to have a discussion about the issues contained within the video I posted - much like the article Loki posted - but to have same, I felt it necessary to provide the information first seeing as it is likely that the majority here haven't been exposed to actual investigative results to date - because of the constantly changing official story and reporting at all on Vegas massacre by the msm.

The evidence to date is that this is/was a deep state operation which didn't go according to plan. There were multiple shooters according to the evidence contained in the vid I linked - which will require digestion of new info.

Not sure why there is a difference between linking to articles...and expecting people to read same in order to spark a conversation on issues raised in the article...and a video doing the same thing. David L simply posts a link with no commentary and whoweird...well it would be nice to see him get the same treatment as I do...;)


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