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Hi Brian,

Like they said in the media Don't expect any new revelations To come out of the papers. They stick to the original patsy story, even though most people feel the whole story is a cover up. You have the presidential car driving with no protection whatsoever slowing down after the first shot, why did the driver slow down ???, then the driver turned to face JFK, and the film becomes blurred, while JFK's head explodes as if shot from up close. Jacky panicks and tries to get out at the back of the car ??? Then these same murderers kill his brother, and his son who crashed with a plane. Jacky always feared for her children. JFK wanted to end the Vietnam invasion, Cuba, end the cold war with Russia, which at the time was just as hoaxed as it is today. America is no longer a democracy it is a psychological game, mindf*** at the top. So into secrecy it has lost complete touch with the people, and I see a almost complete media take over where the propaganda machine dictates the mind of the people. It is crazy, staged and fabricated Hollywood style imagery that is sold as the truth.

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