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Hi Amy ....Welcome back : )

Fetzer radio interview yesterday,..appears the Texas Church shooting is hoaxed.

It's just relentless...these cartoonish false flags...especially the ISIS guy shot several times and wheelchair ready the next day.
Netanyahu and the US warmongers of the Deep State are freaking out over ISUS getting ended
In Syria and Iraq.
Miserable House of Saud have deranged Prince taking the wealth of his brothers and ending them politically.
Saudi are saying Hezbollah in Lebanon have declared war on Saudis.

The Saudi nut show rolled 1000 princes into Russia where Putin was signing million dollar trade deals.
Rothschilds are obviously backing several horses in the Globalism game,
As Putin and Xi do business with the same trash as Clinton's, Obama and Trump.

The Malevolence of the Corporate/Fascist world knows no bounds now.
Europe is headed to crisis via failed Euro and economic stagnation, coupled with insane forced immigration of people's who are crazy with socio violence and insane culture practice.
Germans travel in groups now to go from home to work. ..the number of stabbings and sexual assault is in the 1000s!

This globalism is Pure Evil...
Had hoped Russia and China would oppose it,...
It appears they engage the Globalism... from a different tact.

US economy depends on war....that's truly scarry...800 Military bases worldwide,
How long do we have before they just nuke someone set the tone of the game?
Trump openly stated He would destroy All of North Korea.
He's a mad man!...
That Nutcase Sheldon Adelson wanted Israel to light a nuke off near Iran's city to send a message to them.

Most of us did not understand what 911 was game kick off for.
Today it is obvious the Deep State wants war to crush nations while world law is hamstrung
The UN is a complete joke, a puppet theatre.
Everyone who opposes the central Bankers gets a laser bullseye and told they are next!

The spiritual destiny of mankind hangs in the balance now...

Maybe the Rich of this world will reign in the crazy. living underground for 30 years might scare the Rich which watch the warmongers push it and push it.

T Bird

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