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Hi Tbird,

What countries are left, not under dominion of the worldbank (Rothschild ) , Iran, Korea, Cuba.
China becoming powerful, Russia threat is just a hoax to get social media under restricted control. Ha like congres said if you guys don't take care of the problem, we will ! Jesus, what a show. I don't know what is going on but it gets freakier by the day. Then Vegas, mindf***, one actor showed up in three different places ! Do they believe we are that stupid "??????? All the videos of ppl were taken and when returned all was wiped off, ppl being shot multiple times laughing in hospital beds? No shock whatsoever ? That pyramid was pooping strange shots after. "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas " yeah, right.
Mandalay MGM owner into Xray backscatter machines with Chertoff and OSI, and lets not forget Sheldon Adelson, who apparently also invested in this and who donated Trump into power. Plan to install these machines in public places, merge in 2020. Meanwhile Adelson and Murren plan casinos in Japan, which would be around if Murren sells weeks before, I believe we know how this stuff works. It's like JFK, everybody knows it is all a cover up, a whole group was involved, and they still believe they can get away with it. God knows...every seed sown will bring harvest, even terminator seeds are part of their inventions. Monsanto landgrab is also part of world agri take over, same tactics, people are sacrificed over coorp greed. New term for eugenics is now genetics. Nature wil not be conquered, nor will the people, not this way. Dig Monsanto history, I believe founder Queeny was Malta. Agent Orange....etc , Roundup, weed killer combined with GMO, many diseases. Argentinia poisoned people, many serious health issues. See Ib Pederson, pigfarmer in Denmark, malformations piglets, not able to survive. Soros got into Ukraine, now Monsanto land.

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