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I'm not a big conspiracy person. I believe there are conspiracies but most claimed conspiracies are the result of what is presented in the article you provided plus we live in an age where false info is intentionally used to confuse and mask events for numerous reasons. Yes, there will be multiple conspiracy's involving this event and most will follow specific agendas and beliefs.

But in this case there is a big problem with some of the info presented which should be looked at outside the conspiracy borders. There are numerous ones. But for now I'll just address a couple. Even inside the examples provided there is more info about these which create problems I won't go into at this time.

One is if we use shooting and gun facts we understand something is missing from the photos of the 32nd floor during the shooting which is gun flashes and the evidence of the lack of shell casings. Bullets leaving gun barrels produces a flash. Now there are low lux ( measure of light in a given area ) flash suppressors which substantially reduces the flash. But they don't eliminate the flash. The best can reduce down to as low as .31 lux which is a low flash but still brighter than darkness. The shooters rooms were in total darkness so even a low flash suppressor should be seen. I have seen none. The guns shown in the shooters room, as far as I can tell, are not equipped with low flash suppressors. Using any of these rifles would have produced a flash which should have been seen since the rooms were black.

Its suggested he masked the flash by shooting from deep in the room. Possible, but, some flash would still be noticed? Shooting from deeper inside the room presents its own problems with the facts. One is the rifles used ejects spent shell casing from the right side of the rifles. There should be a mound of shell casings on the floor where they hit the curtains and fell on the floor. We only see a couple dozen casings on the floor and the casings location would mean the shooter position was much further to the left where the angle wouldn't be on the venue. Its claimed the shooter fired hundreds of rounds. Where are the shell casings? Also the deeper he was in the room reduced his target area angle.

We only see the pictures of the one room. So he may have done the majority of shooting from that window? Again this room was also in darkness and any flash should be seen and shooting from deeper inside the room would reduce his target area. So yes, he could have weakened the flash signature by shooting from deeper inside the room but it would reduce his target area. Which would mean he may not have been able to target some portions of the venue? In this case height advantage would work against him. Shooting from a lower position would have allowed him to cover the venue yet shoot from deeper in the room.

We will have to wait for further info and analysis. But right now these facts don't support the presented story.

thank you,dane

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