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Hi Everyone!

With all the places the Us is involved in the world, I believe the main target and the Target of What Trump & pope Francis is the State of Israel, I believe that they are going to take over Israel and over throw the corrupt government that's there. I think North Korea and other events are just setting the stage and making people look over there while they act like they are the protectors they are in fact a Trojan army that all the conflict has allowed them to not have to take over by force they were welcomed into Israel, by one corrupt government only to be taken over by the so called protection force. I refer to Daniel 11:14-19 Trump being the King of the North against the King of the South Israel.

The plan by the Vatican to bring in the anti-Christ and a fake millennial reign. Hitler & Mussolini made the current Vatican possible and also was fighting for a thousand reign the same one that Pope Francis is still fighting for, they used Hitler through a fake Jew medium and others to do their bidding to cause chaos in Europe, rob most of Europe for the war, killing Jews to justify a Jewish State and killing off a lot Real Jews, setup new government inside the us and Vatican along with other countries leaders. After Benito Amilcare Andrea Mussolini gave the Roman Catholic Church its sovereign land, he wasn't needed anymore. Question if the actions by Hitler and Mussolini were unlawful? Then how lawful is the right to the land they stolen that they gave to the Vatican/fake Christian cult?

They were and are trying to fake the end times and have done a pretty good job of convincing a lot of fake Christians and honest followers of Jesus. They will stumble the end is not yet! But when satan is released to try and deceive the nations once again then the end will be near, and soon to be Done!

If your a Follower of Jesus, Get in and stay in the word, stand on Gods Promises he will not fail you, though it may seem so, it's NOT, stand strong and firm, Love and help others but not to the point you ignore your own family either, have balance in all things, Family, Food, Finances, and take time to rest! The Sabbath was made for man not man for the Sabbath, Your heavenly Father that created you knew you needed rest and also that you would have a tendency to maybe not get enough rest so rest, and rest can be a hobby, just rest your mind and body and do what Jesus's would have you do, No one and I do mean No One, Look in the Bible even Jesus's Himself said even he did not know the end time so don't try exact dates the most we can do is know the SEASON I believe, it's ok to look at the signs but no matter what's going on, fear not and do the work we are meant to do LOVE ONE ANOTHER as The Father & Son have Loved US!!!!!!!

We should still have long term goals and plans, Think about this, it is written that if the evil end times were not shortened that all would be deceived even the Elect. So Are the Evil times shortened? If this is the case any date for the end could never be right, Right?

If as I am proposing not the evil times as in time shortened, time will be the same, end date same as set before the foundations of the earth, but what I propose is that it is the evil influenced times, that will be shortened, so the Fake Jews and Catholics/United States that are trying to marry a vision of a thousand year reign will stumble, allowing us time and freedom from the Evil influencers that have operated in the past.

Live a righteous life and you have nothing to worry about, build your house/Life on the foundation stone of the Most High's Promises with Jesus's as your savior & corner stone of God's Temple your Body.

On a side note where it says in revelation that the Blood will be as high as a horses bridal, I think it's a dead horse on it's side so a lot blood but not an unimaginable amount. Also notice a lot birds are dying and The Most High Cares about every one of them and the people in power, the dimwits are destroying every living thing as well as the planet and people because they divide the land for gain and are gluttons and have taught most the world to have the same glutton desires, all selfish desires, that's why God said you all will be Bird food soon, so all you people who see evil people getting away with evil, Pray from them to see the light and do right before it's too late but also remember they will all be bird food soon, and you should not take Joy in this fact you need to morn for their souls as they were deceived by the Lawless one who Deceives many, and leave the punishment up to God, Not for God you would be Bird Food also, and If you didn't live a so great life you may be save and still become bird food.

Suddenly Polly want a Cracker has a whole new meaning and crackers come in all colors!!!!!!!

Best Regards & Shalom

Lowell D. Williams VanVorhis

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