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** this post was in response to Loki's 'stick a fork in it' post - to avoid confusion etc.


Loko enjoys his burgeoning little utopia where free speech is woven into the fabric of the UK society - except when it is something someone might find offensive. Bozo's like you, little leftie social justice warriors...welcome the one world gov't plans being put in place but too dumb to even understand the origins of this plan. Hint...from the same people who created the wars we've seen.

I have no idea whether this one site is hateful (doubt it though based on many others I have looked into/read about)but this is dangerous territory for the UK ...censorship - something you have exercised when your hypocrisy was shown to the crowd.

Trump isn't perfect but he's not a career criminal like Hillary - stupid people voted for Hillary and even dumber ones can't see her for what she is...problem with relying on globalist rag, The Guardian.

UK...Imam's preaching subversion - the fork is deep into your rump roast.

Loki's vision of the future...? Sharia coming his way - a good thing vs racist Trump?


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