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Hi Martin,

Thank you for your response.

I was at a loss on several occasions when speaking with Mason's
on the subject only to be met with blank stares.

I'm glad to see that the study is being revived. It has taught me a great
deal in the understanding of subjects that were loaded with allegory
and symbolism. (history, religion, philosophy)

It's unfortunate that too many things are taken literally. I'm sure that
those that you are enlightening will be rewarded for the time and effort
required to understand symbolism and its use.


Martin Ede Wrote:
> Hello,
> Yes is the short answer. With the changing
> culture of Freemasonry in the mid to late 20th
> century, Masonic study was not what it should have
> been. In the last 5-10 years, this has changed
> around. There is a lot more interest in and study
> of Masonic symbolism and philosophy. The younger
> men coming in to Freemasonry now are definitely
> more interested in learning.
> A search on Amazon will show this as you have
> many new authors being able to be published as
> well as a growing interest in Masonic research
> lodges and various seminars. I do my best to
> promote this and have traveled to more lodges to
> give talks in the past few years.
> So, it was in danger of becoming a lost art, but
> it is definitely turning around now. As I
> mentioned, for example, I was just giving a talk
> at an esoteric seminar sponsored by my Grand Lodge
> that attracted brothers from 5 of the surrounding
> states,
> And thank you, I still try to keep up with the
> topics here while being quite busy masonically
> Regards
> Martin Ede
> Freemason

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