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Who controls the British crown?
Who keeps the metric system down?
We do, We do.

Who keeps Atlantis off the maps?
Who keeps the Martians under wraps?
We do, we do.

Who keeps back the electric car?
Who makes Steve Guttenberg a star?
We do, we do.

Who robs cavefish of their sight?
Who rigs every Oscar night?
We do, we dooooooo.
(Simpsons Stonecutters song )


Since the 1700s. .the Masonic and their Intelligence reach + Bankers**
Have pillaged the planet, wars,extortion,trade,regime change /revolutions.

I'm not making this I go : )

England sold Communist Russia /gave to...Rolls Royce jet engines after WW 2.
Lol...Tinker,Tailor,Soldier....Spy : )
And soon. .Russian Migs were attacking US/UN aircraft Over Korea in the 1950s.
Russia directed North Korea nuclear program.
US/France. ....Israel's.
The geostrategic narrative since then is All Kabuki theatre! .

The Masonic/MIC game needs the geostrategic tensions. ...wars,intrigues,chaos...

The Globalist Banker debt game is resetting ...
This is why Rothschilds back Russia Central Bank and China,...vs decline of Anglo/US Empire.

After Fukushima and 4 reactors melted thru containment with the spent fuel pools
Above each reactor....blown to smithereens, ....the Pacific Ocean is dying/extinction level event!

The Masonic and Elites realize that it's 50 years underground if full on nuclear war.
Yet they have no other game. ....other than war.
So they must negotiate the parameters of future war.. .. which alters world history,
And keeps them.....Above Ground.

A few nukes may go off....

By the way....The Israel/ NOT...Control the Elevated All seeing Eye of the Pyramid.
They however ARE....seated near the head of the Table. []

The Occult of History. a Mystery.
Wish it was Benevolent. ..
it however. Not.

T Bird

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