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Problem with socio awareness is one of Longevity to issues.

Most people do not follow up nor determine seek.
Lazy...they get their answer via TV news or Twitter.

Conspiracy Theory....and Conspiracy Fact.

No one** can peel this Onion and not be crying.
Alex Jones and other Alternative media get The Game/Control,
Has placed traps ahead of time...or leads one into traps.

You think you solved the mystery...and then you got Egg on your face while laughter
Breaks out in the room.

Conspiracy Fact is real....means Conspiracy is real.
One must work the Facts and endure time....time proves all things.

Ex....A False Flag....was nobody killed...or were there real deaths?
It's a Gov/Intel False Flag....the event is real....the details** are where the public is captured
That's the purpose of the False Flag. capture the publics attention.

Gen Smedley Butler who wrote - War is a Racket,
He was approached by Conspirators to Coup the US Gov.
Butler as a Marine had helped US Sugar Corporations roll over Central America/Cuba
The same ride went after all the Sugar cane of the West Indies ..Hawaii and the Phillipines.

It was a Conspiracy. ..and the facts back it up.
Butler was Patriot. ..outted the Conspiracy. ..
Guess what happens then?
Nothing!...even back then....the US Judicial system was terrified of Organized crime syndicates who with Bankers...owned Politicians.

Not much has changed since then.
Trump is owned by Criminal insider track.
So is Putin in Russia via Powerfull Oligarchs

It's a S@t sandwich...

Recently watched the 1st/2nd season of HBO Empire Boardwalk.
The US was crime and extortion big time...then World War level MIC crime kicked in.

Every day which they do not nuke us...or let a Fukushima's All Gravy!

Course. ...Fukushima is killing the Pacific with extinction level event occuring,
Yet we got some time...

Future human race will envy us of today

T Bird

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