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Sorry Dean...

I understand how much weight is in Trump being something/someone against the system/globalist.

Fact is....Trump's past debts were payed off by American Jewish Banker/Elites.
So....he is Compromised there....and on other tracks,

After discovering Who Putin is....and how he arose to power out of nowhere,
Both Putin and Trump are compromised by the Group** /Power Elites in the article.

Putin is soft on Israel ....Israel gets to keep the previously stolen Syrian Golan and now
Israel will get to keep more of Syria.

Russia fights ISUS in Syria,...yet looks the other way as Israel, Turkey and now US/via Kurd Syria and 7- 8 bases....illegally occupy Syria.

It's all Kabuki theatre about fight terrorism and Syria's Sovereignty.

My disappointment with Putin exceeds Trump.

The realm of World politics is deception and extortion.
Can anyone honest and non compromised person actually achieve nation leadership?

US economy is in serious trouble, ....Canada could be right there too with its high personal debt rating plus housing bubble.

Russia is still Rothschild Central bank. ..
People's bank of Rothschilds. would appear Rothschilds are playing all sides as world economics clash.
Rising Eurasia and Silk Roads. ...vs the declining USD $ oil Hegemon game of Anglo/US

Trump/Putin aside......I want to survive the economic @t storm that could occur.

T Bird

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