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Hi All

There are a number of stories circulating about Seth Rich's murder which are interesting but don't have the necessary evidence to support them as actual events. But when these stories are put together we begin to see there may well be a lot more to his death.

First story. Seth Rich was upset the night of his murder and drinking heavy because he was getting ready to move beyond providing info from the DNC to providing direct evidence of DNC wrong doing to the FBI. He believed the 2 men who approached him the night of his murder were FBI agents who arranged the meeting so he could give them the evidence. The men were not FBI but were actually 2 men of a 3 man hit team. They did take something from Rich, the info he was prepared to give to the FBI. The Police arrested all 3 men involved 3 days after the murder but all info of them or their arrest is missing from DC Police files and computers.

Second Story. A Russian intel group intercepted communication through a terrorist network that a major DNC figure was going to be murdered. But not by terrorist but by a political hit team. The meeting between the FBI and Rich was provided to the hit team by the FBI. This makes sense he was planning on meeting someone since Rich was walking home through a known area known for robberies and didn't react to two men following him. A grainy video from a nearby market shows him stop and talk to the two men. A scuffle ensued and Rich drops to the ground after being shot. The men don't immediately leave but seem to hover around him for short period. Probably looking for the info,then leave.

Third story. Kit hearing of Rich's death realizes something is amiss. He contacts the Trump administration after the election that he has evidence Rich provided the DNC material to Wikileaks not the Russians. Now here is where the story gets interesting. Trump in April secretly sends Comey of the FBI and a high ranking CIA official to New Zealand to meet with Kim and verify his evidence. Comey arrives before the CIA and tried to meet with Kim separately which Kim refused. Kim fearing he was being set up withdrew about providing info directly to the FBI and CIA. Trump was outraged Comey acted on his own essentially sabotaging the meeting and decided to fire Comey. Further contact with Trump met with resistance by Kim. Kim has since set up back channels to release his info in the case of his death, imprisonment or disappearance. The establishment of a special counsel has provided Kim with another means of presenting his evidence and bypassing the FBI. Now he has agreed to meet Mueller in the U.S. and provide the info. The demos are pretty damn scared and a lot of chatter is circulating they are trying to make a deal. The rumor is the Clinton's and other government employees will be sacrificed to prison terms for varying offenses. But none are for murdering Seth.

Here is my take and its all conjecture on my part but has a high probability of at least parts being true.

Seth had set up to meet with the FBI on the evening of his murder instead of as presented the next day and pass them DNC info. The meeting was provided to someone in either the Clinton camp,DNC or member of the party by the FBI. The hit team pretending to be FBI agents met Seth at designated spot different than the FBI spot. He realized the men were not FBI and they shot him and took the info. Seth survived the shooting and should have survived after being treated. He was either allowed to die of blood loss or died from some other means. Whoever initiated the killing was extremely powerful with connections who could arrange his death in a hospital.

I think Kim has more information than just Seth providing Wikileaks DNC material? There has to be a reason why Kim requested to meet with both the FBI and CIA then withdrew when Comey tried to meet with him alone. Maybe he knew Seth made arrangements to meet the FBI on the night of his death and the FBI is either part of it or someone inside the agency privy to the meeting passed it to whoever had Seth killed? I don't know. But there appeared to be strategy in Kim using the media to make his revelations; for protection. This has all the potential of bursting into something which will change our country in a big way.

I wonder what everyone else believes on this matter. Let your freak flag fly and give us your take on his death.


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