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I am thinking of investing some time in a utopian living plan. Its a very gigantic tree trunk shape with windows around, a hollow center, most units modular, and every story has an extending garden space beneath the windows which pulls in during inclement weather. The gardens pull into an area where they can be maintained during the winter. This means each story is really almost 3 stories, as tall ceilings for homes would be the norm.

Those who don't wish to grow stuff, can rent out or donate their plot.

Only 2 neighbors, one on each side. Units define the density of the trunk, with certain allowances for infrastructure.

Surrounding lands are for resource and recreation.

Wind & water are incorporated in accordance with "harmonic" principles.
Air catching louvers of adequate size rise vertically and open on central pivots.
A clever system brings water up, to be gravity fed to all below, and pressurized water is available from covered reservoirs for those infrastructure areas requiring it, such as publuc rest rooms, fire supression and etc..

The crane is near the top, which allows moving of modulars --- say you wanted to add a home office, an additional pantry and a home theater for your growing family .. these units would be added to your existing home in one of several configurations. Your "yard" can be the interior frontage and the exterior gardening plot. The moving breezeway takes you fron the far interior edge of your yard, to the access pods which deliver 1-4 persons anywhere within.

The top rim is for gardens and viewing areas, carefully built for aesthetics and safety.
Fragrant and medicinal plants may also be grown here, as this supplies the best protected gardening area.
Climate control means frankincense trees can flourish along with Gogi Berry vines -- the dessert and the colder steppe can both be accomodated.

I see 21-33 stories as a minimum height, as the lower levels are for grocery, necessity, and other types of merchandising space: Library, theater, performing theater, small recreation areas, and indoor sports also populate the lower levels. The self contained city is "large". It is also secure, access is from underground. First floor access would be like the door to the Great Pyramid, very hard to find.

True working infrastructure is unseen in the interior spaces, and fire escapes are very swift and secure, non-automated affairs.
Flammables would be minimal.

All exterior surfaces may be hardened with extending locking blinds, giving safety in storms and natural disasters.
Building in non-earthquake areas with underground water and top water for agriculture, golf course, orchards, vinyards,etc, would be necessary. The modularity of the building allows for maximizing safety parameters.

Supplying energy is Jana's area of expertise (along with a few other ideas which I have not fully appreciated, yet).

Big, big dreams, especially when you think, one of these every 200 to 500 miles or so.
Also all traffic near these cities is below ground, and only arrives on the surface for extended travel, or recreaction or harvesting/maintenance purposes. I see hover craft and 4 wheelers as preferred modes of transit, with the teenage folk using jetted hoverboards, or single hover conveyances much like mini sports cars are used today. The nature of the species must be carefully accomodated ... but that should not be too difficult.

What will go away --- are heat islands, urban sprawl, AND, -- with a very strong accent on nurturing the biosphere in accordance with the new living style -- a great deal of pressure can be brought to bear upon those who willfully disregard the lands, water and air of our precious Spaceship Earth! In fact, they may not enjoy their protected status any longer, once most people are onboard.

Won't be for everyone. Some will still gravitate to personal dreams, but cities being what they are today, I think a very beautiful and convenient living option might be amenable to many.

Its only one vision ... feel free to add your own!
I find it uplifting to consider such ideas!

Breath is the courser and
Mind is the rider.

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