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Freemasonry borrowed the astrological lessons of the sun and built allegorical philosophical schools of thought (better known as Speculative Masonry),which brought into existence the symbolic legend of Grand Master Hiram Abiff, the Master Builder in which the biblical Hiram from the land of Tyree has no resemblance to the Masonic allegory of the greatest grandmaster recorded in the Freemasonic legend (he like Jesus was slain and resurrected). The sun every year dies in the winter (winter solstice)and is reborn or resurrected during Easter (spring time nature comes back to life during the summer solstice). Many of the ancient Kemetic folklores were also rooted in the resurrection story of Ausr, Aset and Huru. Ausr was murdered by his jealous brother Seth who placed his body in a chess that was chained and buried deep into the river and when his sister Nephthys found and discovered her brother’s body, it was cutup into fourteen pieces and the only part that was missing was his penis (this is best understood in phallic worship practices in Kemet).

These Kemetic folklore teachings can be found in R.T. Rundle Clark book titled, Myth and Symbol in Ancient Egypt. Man has had a long historical infatuation with sun Gods and according to Manly P. Hall it was found in every culture and in his exhaustive research titled, The Secret Teaches of All Ages he traced many so-called pagan origins and sun cults throughout the people of the earth. They culturally emulated the moving of the sun as the earth rotates on her axis and in the western hemisphere, we experience the winter and summer solstice (the word 'sol' Latin word that translates to mean sun and 'stice' meaning to stand still according Gerald Massey's book titled, The Book of the Beginnings. Read More:[]

Stay Awake Until We Meet Again,
Fahim A. Knight-El

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