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Just a reminder that the CIA and Goober NSA( We don't spy on Americans),
Have been infiltrating Conspiracy centric alternative media.

That's. ....manipulate the agenda. books recently purged numerous books....
Even one written on the Sandy Hook shooting... ( Which has been proven to have been
A False Flag event with actors. Sandy Hook School was closed and non operational,
It's Internet service was terminated. ...the place was empty).

Because it's real dicey to discuss the surrounding themes affixed to a certain group.
Suffice to say....majority of Amazon books being banned was about them*.

Many of these books were in circulation for years and years,..'s a New Reich Kristallnacht. .....except in reverse.

Rumor is that Google could be next,....that means erase entire history links

Already. ...the Alternative community are securing info on personal computers,
Burn CDs,Mp4 video.....use private press to publish.

T Bird

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