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The crackpot conspiracy theorist has apologized for spreading false rumours in one of the most blatant examples of fake news in recent times.



It was a rare sight. A media personality who has made his name by spreading patently false information and crackpot conspiracy theories, apologized for one of his favorite fake news items. Alex Jones of Infowars posted a surprising six-minute video on his website in which he read a legal-sounding document apologizing for his role in spreading claims that a Washington pizzeria was home to a child sex-trafficking ring run by Hillary Clinton and her campaign manager, John Podesta. Jones specifically addressed his apology to James Alefantis, the owner of Comet Ping Pong—which was thrust into the spotlight last year with what became the most stark example of how fake news spread during the presidential campaign.


Although it isn’t clear what motivated Jones to apologize now, fear of legal action may have come into play. Alefantis wrote Jones a letter in February demanding an apology. And even though he doesn’t threaten legal action, under state law Jones had one month to retract or apologize to avoid a lawsuit. The one-month deadline was Friday.

Now he needs to shut up about all the other fake news he promotes and apologize to the Sandy Hook parents, for the hurt and threats to their lives that he's been directly responsible for.


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