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Eddie Larry Wrote:
> "In Jurassic/Triassic periods CO2 concentrations
> were at least ten times (as in a factor of ten)
> higher than current plus CO2 is not a pollutant
> but vital for green plant growth. "
> Think about it Neil, were there any humans then?
> I suggest that we probably don't want those
> conditions anytime soon.
> Due to today's low energy prices largely due to
> fracking interest in renewable energy has
> plummeted (have any neighbors of yours put solar
> cells on their roofs?) You can relax but as we in
> the US are starting to export oil and nat. gas.
> It is only a matter of time. You will eventually
> become a renewable energy buff.

Eddie, Eddie, Eddie.
Show me the study that can do the following:
A - prove that the optimal CO2 levels are known & understood.
B - Prove to me that human emissions of CO2 are actually a pollutant in the first place.
C - Prove to me that it is even possible to measure the average temperature of an entire planet to 1/10 of a degree.
I'll save you the bother - they do not exist and in fact all of the climate computer models used to predict all these dire consequences ignore the biggest forcing factors of all - SPACE WEATHER and the Solar System electrical circuits combined with the planetary electrical circuits as the general thought amongst the climate scaremongers is that this is inconsequential yet all their models failed to predict what has actually happened - temperatures have been stable and falling for the last 20 years (the NOAA graphs can be ignored as they are fantasy graphs that completely ignore the cold records being broken as aberrations)

I strongly suggest you go to this website where you will find out the real causes of climatic shifts - and it is nothing to do with humans but instead a natural cycle that has happened many times in the past & will happen many times in the future. The Sun is currently going to sleep - indeed it seems to be heading into a Grand Minimum similar to the Maunder Minimum which means temperatures will continue to drop and the weather will get even weirder because our planetary magnetic field is rapidly weakening right now as the magnetic poles shift faster & faster to reversal.
And whilst you are there have a good, hard look at the following too: []

Human CO2 is largely irrelevant. Termites emit more CIO2 than people do. Cow Farts emit more than people do.
A much, much bigger problem is the excessive use of Plastics. 5 minute burgers in packaging that takes hundreds of years to degrade is nothing less than criminal.

And there is also suggestive & convincing evidence that yes, there were in fact people coexisting with dinosaurs. There are many places where the Dino footprints in rock coexist with human ones. Just run a search on "Human & Dinosaur Footprints" and see the images.

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