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So you can categorically state that
A - the planet is actually warming - and I mean real, significant changes as opposed to cyclic events that are currently flatlined at best for the last 20 years with no real warming occurring whatsoever, and
B - you actually accept that it is possible to measure an average temperature for the entire planet to within a tenth of a degree - even though there are very few thermometers in the colder places and that a significant number of those we do have used to be in rural locations yet are now in developed areas, plus the very inconvenient fact (usually ignored) that all population centres will show an artificial rise simply because of the glass and steel monstrosities our greedy developers prefer to create these days, and
C - you actually can categorically state that you are certain you know the ideal temperature of this planet anyway - and on that last one you simply cannot state this with any degree (pun unintentional) of certainty whatsoever.

Moving swiftly onwards.
In Jurassic/Triassic periods CO2 concentrations were at least ten times (as in a factor of ten) higher than current plus CO2 is not a pollutant but vital for green plant growth. Must have been all those SUV owning dinosaurs. Fact is green plant growth has actually increased since CO2 levels started to rise and the evidence shows the CO2 rise follows a temperature increase, and is not the driving (or forcing) factor. Have a look at some honest graphs and not the propaganda posted from people who keep getting caught fiddling the numbers.
Termites emit more CO2 than people do.
I am not saying pollution is a good thing here just that CO2 is not the evil monster posited by people with a vested interest in selling or trading carbon credits. Obviously we should not crap on our own doorstep and to that end let us stop all this electric car bullshit - the environmental cost pf all the rare earths in the batteries alone would take at least 20 years worth of keeping the same car just to break even and this is before we start on the environmental costs of building the thing. If you really want to be green fit your OLD car with emissions controls (or better still abandon the infernal combustion engine altogether - we do have the technology at hand, and have had since t he 1980's, to totally replace this 19th century invention) because at least your old car is by now environmentally neutral despite it's emissions.

The arrogance of those who are claiming they know what the ideal conditions are on this planet amazes me - we have no idea at all. Their models and predictions are wrong, instead of the massive rises predicted we see a flat-line for 20 years when the figures are honest and not "adjusted" (see various climate-gate scandals where they keep getting caught) and to claim that the climate is normally stable is insane - climates vary naturally all the time and the real surprise here is that it has been so temperate for so long now.

The forcing factors are nothing to do with people, and again the automatic assumption that we control the climate on this planet is as arrogant as the old assumptions the Earth was the centre of the universe and everything else revolved around it instead of being an insignificant planet in an unfashionable arm of the Milky Way. Climate is absolutely driven by external factors and external factors alone. This, by the way, does not mean we should be careless - crapping on your own doorstep is a stupid thing to do and for starters we should stop production of all plastic packaging immediately as this alone is to me much more of a worry than a rise of at most a couple of tenths of a degree - if that - in average temperatures.

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