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Hi Everyone!

I would like to state my position as fully supporting the actions of Edward Snowden, A True American hero!!!!!!! and all who will follow his example, to expose the corrupt government system and officials even undercover assets, in the pursuit of truth and Justice, while doing your best to minimize casualties.

I was a whistleblower and I reported it behind the scenes and they came against me behind the scenes, they only cared about being found out not about protecting America.

A hedge of protection has been placed around Edward Snowden and his family and any and all who follow min his foot steps, in Jesus's name, and any who try to harm them or even think of harming them are in danger of losing your life. We have been and are making a list and checking it twice, were finding out who's naughty or nice, you might say Edward Snowden is coming to town! The country that protects Snowden, will be protected by God to an extent.

If you have thought about or do come against Snowden we have your name and you will be dealt with. I will except full responsibility for the information he has revealed and dare the unholy criminal fake politicians of the United States of America and the World that have hijacked our country to do something about it if they dare. I have been in open declared war against the criminal usurpers that have hijacked our political system and country and have informed them in writing of said open war.

If you think what has been revealed is damaging, you have not seen anything yet, we know and have no bounds that we are willing to go to, to remedy the situation. Although we do want to preserve Life the wages of sin are death and we have no problem executing that judgment on all who fall short, and fail to repent and turn from their wicked ways.

I encourage all people of all countries to expose corruption in your country, state, business, corporation, church, cult, boys club ect. what ever the case may be. That said Please use discernment and not reveal information that may put others in danger, at least warn if you are going to reveal, say church members, aid workers, movie stars, comedians that are CIA assets/spies-satanic pedophiles and usurpers of the constitution of the United States of America!!!!!!!


Lowell D. Williams vanVorhis

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