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VAULT 7: CIA Staged Fake Russian Hacking to Set Up Trump — Russian Cyber-Attack M.O. As False Flag

so who is behind these leaks exposing the existing power structure?

out with the old NWO
in with the new NWO
differing factions are duking it out

Toward a Global Realignment
As its era of global dominance ends, the United States needs to take the lead in realigning the global power architecture.

but first, a good old fashion purge is needed

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Vault 7 2592 laughin 08-Mar-17 17:09
Re: Vault 7 377 Eddie Larry 08-Mar-17 17:25
Re: Vault 7 326 Thunderbird 08-Mar-17 18:07
Re: Vault 7 409 Brian Patterson 08-Mar-17 18:56
Re: Vault 7 354 Eddie Larry 08-Mar-17 22:58
I love our Mods 367 Buck 45 08-Mar-17 22:58
Re: I love our Mods 311 laughin 09-Mar-17 14:24
"Alexa...are you connected with the CIA'? ;) 488 Racho 10-Mar-17 01:08
so who is behind these leaks 312 Racho 13-Mar-17 05:44
Re: Vault 7 283 laughin 21-Mar-17 14:50
Re: Vault 7 286 Sirhope 21-Mar-17 15:25
Mods? 298 Archaic 23-Mar-17 10:17
Re: Mods? 263 laughin 23-Mar-17 20:59
Re: Mods? 699 adequatedane 24-Mar-17 21:12

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