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I rarely post here at all and I will probably regret doing so now but this line of thinking is absolute nonsense. So basically some of you believe that if we now make private transactions that don't go through some sort of background check illegal that criminals will suddenly grow a conscious and say "Well, guess I better go get background checked before I buy this gun to rob or kill someone with". That is your logic? Who are you really burdening? What is actually common sense is realizing that criminals don't give two damns about the law. How about we actually prosecute people who are caught using them illegally to the full extent of the law unlike we do now. Gun crime prosecutions have done nothing but decline under this administration yet they claim they want to do everything they can to protect people??? How about you focus on mental health? How about you focus on gang related gun crimes?? I'm sure that last one will be a really touchy subject for the hoards of folks that like to try and turn everything into a racial issue. You want me to have a background check done on someone that I want to sell a firearm to? Sure, fine. But how about not selling it under this ridiculous veil that it will have any impact at all on the problem. I actually do have to give credit to most people in this thread though for referring to it as what it is, a focus on private transactions. I am sick to death of hearing our utterly incompetent leaders and their sheeple referring to some "gun show loophole" that does not exist.

ldennyjr Wrote:
> On a side note, in this world we are trying treat
> the symptoms of gun violence and not the root
> causes.
> 1 Many young males with no male role models.
> 2 Gang turf disputes.
> 3 Drug trafficking.
> 4 Religious and domestic terrorism.
> 5 The big one, mental issues.
> 6 General criminal activity.
> 7 Domestic violence.
> These are just a few causes for gun violence that
> need to be dealt with more aggressively and like
> anything else this will not stop someone who is
> intent on harming another person with any weapon
> at hand.

This is where the focus needs to be NOT on law abiding gun owning citizens because in the end, those are the only ones you are affecting with these laws.

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