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Aliens, Illuminati and Ignorance

Unfortunately easy answers often become the fall back position of those who are seeking answers. It requires so much work to explain all aspects of reality, and the ego has difficulty admitting it will never know anything as a certainly. Yes, there are extra-terrestrials and they might even watch over what we do as we become more capable of endangering life in universe. Yes, knowledge can be gained through portals and other attunements. No, there is no difficulty explaining how we developed almost everything attributed to aliens. The only thing I cannot explain is how ignorance rose to near extremist heights and stayed there through so many centuries. I jest, of course. It is explainable through one simple word - religion.

"Faith is an openness and trusting attitude to truth and reality, whatever it may turn out to be. This is a risky and adventurous state of mind. Belief in the religious sense, is the opposite of faith - because it is a fervent wishing or hope, a compulsive clinging to the idea that the universe is arranged and governed in such and such a way. Belief is holding to a rock; faith is learning how to swim - and this whole universe swims in boundless space." - Alan Watts

I have a hard time calling Scientology a religion and yet like most criminal enterprises they imitate I have to admit they are better than any, if not them all. I have a very low opinion of them, so you can be sure I have an even lower opinion of all major religions, except Buddhism and Taoism which are non-theistic. The Scientologists do attempt to make society a better place and they have success managing their people. I just think it is better to be free, and think for yourself. But within every one of the theistic religions or cults, there are groups I find mystical values in and gain insight from.

There is value to be found in every religion and almost every thought. Making sense and using it for the Divine Providential rights of all life on Earth is where the rubber hits the road.


The currently running Expedition show on TV had the Atacama giant and Nazca Lines mystery on a recent episode. I confess Von Daniken raised my awareness about ancient technology when he said the Nazca Lines were an alien landing zone. It said what I say after decades of research, the lines are over water aquifers and people used spiritual rituals to draw energy to bring water to the surface. The rituals include alignment of the designs to the sun and stars (like Venus or the morning star) and the Earth Energy Grid like all other megaliths. The geoglyphic nodal points or areas where the Nazca Lines join over a deep aquifer are also in Poverty point designs or megalithic henges even when not seen or drawn. It is like the magic circle of pagans where there are five points to the pentagram drawn to perform rituals. Imagine the lines continue inside and outside the design. That energy attunement must have lead to water being brought forth at least in the minds of the people who drank it. To find the aquifers was a matter of dowsing - easily proven and still used in military situations today.

The twelve main energy vortexes including the Great Pyramid of Iesa have many smaller center points or nodes. You can think of a corollary in your own body - the chakras and psychic points chart which mirrors the lymph system. Epigeneticists may make a further breakthrough in this integrative insight soon. The twelve plates in the Dodecahedron are part of the ancient earth computer.

If as Sartre says "Love is absent space." What will the wisdom seeker experience in Love versus someone only seeking for what others agree with?

The following book is an academic masterpiece integrating archaeosymbolism, the collective unconscious, archetypes and consciousness studies, which start with paintings in caves but as we know the painting art is about 500,000 years older than we once thought - not so long ago.

"My third epiphany was in 1998 at a performance of Martin McDonagh’s play, The Beauty Queen of Leenane, when I heard the protagonist, Pato Dooley, wistfully declare:

When it’s there I am, it’s here I wish I was, of course. Who
wouldn’t? But when it’s here I am … it isn’t there I want to be, of
course not. But I know it isn’t here I want to be either.

In these words I heard Pato Dooley enunciate the universal dilemma of human kind; how to resolve the unattainable quite impractical desire to dwell in that imaginal place from which we have somehow been exiled, where we feel we are home and where we belong and where we know that the essence and reality of our soul will find its safe harbour. This dilemma, this longing is reflected in our religious beliefs and dogmas, in historical narratives, in the art and literature of all cultures and also significantly informs and structures much of our physical and psychological survival since it is most readily and commonly perceived in our storytelling."


Beyond the Dragon Project proof of energy varying and dovetailing with astronomical or astrological events and megaliths being part of a computer type of information matrix - we now have Gaia Theory developed by James Lovelock and Lynn Margulis and others including Hawkins who work on Crop Circles I have covered - here. It is more than just some Green initiative and Bucky Fuller saw how consciousness in even the marble under a sculptors tools can be worked with.

The following link should take you to a good or decent history of the Illuminati. Every detail in it is worth at least one book - that should be written if average people are ever to know what lies they are fed. For example, Genghis Khan (Temujin - see thread) is a Nestorian like Hecateus of Miletus who met Abaris who taught Pythagoras. The Nestorians ran China a millennium before Genghis re-took it. The Sufis and Manicheans are part of the ecumenicism which Catharism tried to bring to all people as they gave free education, free medicine and much more to a large area of France, Spain and Portugal while speaking Langue (language) D'Oc or De = of, Occamy = alchemy).

However, It is very wrong about the era before the Current era (BCE) and origins of alphabets etc.


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