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A seismic puzzle that may be solved by the Hollow Earth theory, including tens of thousands of Earthquakes with epicenters deeper than 150 Km which should not exist because, due to the pressure and heat, below 150 Km there is no known material which will not flow. Another mystery addressed are waves which slow down instead of speeding up when passing through the denser--but more elastic(?)--core. Can over 30 years of collected seismic data be interpreted in another way, a way that permits a hollow earth?
A cave system was discovered in the Chongquing province of China
by a team of cavers and photographers.Caver Robbie Shone, from Manchester, said
a few of the caves had previously been used by nitrate miners but had not been
properly explored.The network, which includes 'cloud Ladder
Hall' measuring around 51,000 metres squared, has water sources and vegetation
of the floor
How many more of these places are yet to be found ?
Evidence of Stone Age tunnels has been found under hundreds of Neolithic settlements all over Europe - the fact that so many have survived after 12,000 years shows the original tunnel network must have been huge
Here is a tunnel system found in south america
From the book operation earth by brinsley le poer trench
also secret of the ages ufos from inside the earth brinsley le poer trench
Many writers have used the idea of hollow earth in novels and in other works to put forward a concept as a serious proposition.A Bulwer lytton mentions a lost people in the novel the coming race published in 1871
he mentions vril power

William reed wrote a serious book advancing this belief called the phantom of the poles, published in 1906 while Marshall b Gardner wrote one a jurney to the earth's interior.
In modern times the chief advocates for the hollow earth theory are Raymond Bernard author of hollow earth and Raymond a palmer
A must read on hollow earth is the lost world of agharti (I think reprinted also)
Olaf janson
mentioned in plenty of books which reminds me of a bit from hamlets mill of a Frisian nobleman made a voyage past Norway circa 11 century. He travelled up to the farthest reaches of the artic circle. He got into a darkness where the eyes could scarcely penetrate, were exposed to a maelstrom which threatened to drag them down. They came out of the darkness and cold to a island, surrounded by a wall of high rocks. Contained subterranean caves where giants lived
Thought that at least some of the interior was already peopled by Eskimos, who must have originate there. As evidence, he cited Eskimo myths about a warm homeland to the north of the arctic.
The shaver mysteries
enoch vs byrd
operation high jump
and not forgetting alternative 3, just a random search will help but have a look at invisable eagle by alan baker
and if you have read the book
and from my kneck of the woods

If you think I am good on a counterbalance, you need to see me on a reach!

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