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Since these ancient times science has taken our understanding of Chaga to a whole new level, and the West is finally catching on to what this amazing mushroom is capable of. Just in the last century the Chaga mushroom’s antiviral, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, cardio-protective, anti-hyperglycemic, and anti-cancer properties have become more widely known.[]

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Pentagon document lays out battle plan against zombies 791 michael seabrook 20-Jun-14 22:16
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Woman Dressed As A Zombie Falls Off A Cliff 784 michael seabrook 10-Sep-14 20:23
Ebola victims in African village 'rise from the dead' 724 michael seabrook 25-Sep-14 18:01
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11 Odd Facts About 'Magic' Mushrooms 1442 michael seabrook 12-Apr-15 22:06
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zombie nativity 664 michael seabrook 26-Dec-14 09:35
fungus super highway 700 michael seabrook 22-Jan-15 20:54
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some DNA is NOT from our ancestors 659 michael seabrook 18-Mar-15 23:34
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Re: Zombies are HERE 616 Davidjayjordan 19-Mar-15 03:04
Re: zombies 682 michael seabrook 02-May-15 17:30
Eating human brains helped Papua New Guinea tribe resist disease, research shows 681 michael seabrook 11-Jun-15 15:44
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Smart phone zombies 660 michael seabrook 23-Feb-16 20:14
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