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from the book you mite be a zombie and other bad news
toxoplasma gondii, this bug infects rats but knowing it can onlybreed in the intestines of a cat, the parasite takes over the rats brain and makes it not bothered by the smell of cat urine.
from this link,The question asked near the end is whether we might also be controlled, in less dramatic ways, by parasites. As Yong points out, there have been studies on possible subtle effect the fairly ubiquitous parasite toxoplasma gondii might be having on its human hosts.
If you have ever had athlete's foot or a yeast infection, you can blame a fungus. A fungus is a primitive organism. Mushrooms, mold and mildew are examples. Fungi live in air, in soil, on plants and in water.
from the book, The Sacred Mushroom and The Cross: A study of the nature
and origins of Christianity within the fertility cults of the ancient Near east, the auther sugests that the intake of halusergenic mushrooms is the root of fertilty cults
terence mcennas book food of the gods In the beginning, McKenna tells us, there were protohumans with small brains and plenty of genetic competition, and what eventually separated the men from the apes was an enthusiasm for the hallucinogenic mushrooms that grew on the feces of local cattle. Claiming that psilocybin in the hominid diet would have enhanced eyesight, sexual enjoyment, and language ability and would have thereby placed the mushroom-eaters in the front lines of genetic evolution--eventually leading to hallucinogen-ingesting shamanistic societies,

Presented below are several descriptions, as recorded by the clergy, of some of the effects which the sacred mushrooms allegedly had upon the Aztec people who consumed them
here a fungus turns ants into zombies
as if programmed, the ant plunges its mandibles into the juicy main vein of a leaf and soon dies. Within days the stem of a fungus sprouts from the dead ant's head. After growing a stalk, the fungus casts spores to the ground below, where they can be picked up by other passing ants.
Meet the Scientist Who Is Solving the Mystery of Zombie Ants

Throughout the tropical forests of the world, there's a parasitic fungus that turns unwitting ants into "zombies." Just how the fungus is able to control the brains of its insect slaves is unknown, but Charissa de Bekker, a post-doctoral researcher at Penn State University, is determined to find out
12 Real Parasites That Control the Lives of Their Hosts
Wasps, ladybirds and the perils of hiring zombie bodyguards
bat killer
Caterpillar fungus is created when Ophiocorcydeps sinensis germinates in the larva of the ghost moth, mummifies the insect and then grows from its body. The infected larva bury their way to two or three centimetres from the surface and die – but the fungus continues to grow. In late spring and early summer a red grass-like fungus sprouts from the head of the insect, reaching between two and five centimetres in length.
The collecting season is between April and June. It needs to be picked within 10 days of reaching maturity, or its medicinal properties are greatly reduced.
They're dead to everything around them except for their zombie masters. But are they undead? acording to National Geographic, Voodoo zombies are part of a tradition that comes out of the Caribbean.
Journalist William Seabrook (no relation) introduced zombies to the American mainstream in his 1929 best seller "The Magic Island," which purported to be an eyewitness account of Haitian voodoo practices
here the film the serpent and the rainbow (one of my fave films)shows some of the ingredients used in a potion to make a zombie
but here convulsive ergotism is characterized by nervous dysfunction, where the victim is twisting and contorting their body in pain, trembling and shaking, and wryneck, a more or less fixed twisting of the neck, which seems to simulate convulsions or fits. In some cases, this is accompanied by muscle spasms, confusions, delusions and hallucinations, as well as a number of other symptoms.
its belived witchcraft played no part at all during the witch trials, but an outbreak of food poisoning from eating contaminated rye
A mystery disease is turning an increasing number of children in east Africa into zombies.
The condition, known by locals as the 'nodding disease', drastically alters children's personalities by making them withdrawn and confused.
One of the first symptoms of the illness, affecting children in northern Uganda, Sudan and Tanzanina

British government has zombie-preparedness plans
and the pentagon
yet a council doesn't

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