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here are two stories from different times and places but seem very simular. reminded me of some of the things discussed in supernatural
From alien base by timothy good
A disturbing encounter with an extraterrestrial in 1946. On shrove Tuesday in a little town in Bra sky was clear.
Suddenly as he was opening the window, he was blinded from an outside source a beam of light. As he put his hands up to protect his eyes he fell to the ground. Stunned for a moment he picked himself up and ran into town to seek help. He arrived in a state of terror at his sisters. As repeatedly told his sister what had happened a doctor was summoned.
The doctor noticed that although his eyes were dilated and voice distraught with terror, there were no burns on his body. Then began a scene of incredible terror. According to a witness
His insides began to show, and the flesh started to look as if it had been cooked for many hours. The flesh began to come away from the bones. Falling in lumps from his jaws, his chest, his arms, his hands, his fingers, from the lower parts of his legs and from his feet and toes. Some scraps of flesh hanged to his tendons; soon every part of the farmer had reached a state of deteriation beyond imagination. His teeth and his bones now stood and revealed, utterly bare of flesh.
Amazing why all this was going on there was no signs of the farmer feeling any pain. Right up to the end said witnesses guttural sounds could be heard from his mouth.
And from magical and mystical sites of Europe and and the British isles by Elizabeth pepper and john wedlock
A Donald the fiddler from tomnahurich fell a sleep on the way home from a drunken night out. He was woken in the morning by a man in a long robe. He asked Donald to play from him and some friends back at his place. He started playing and the room was filled with merriment. After a while Donald realized something was wrong and said holy saint Mary what should I do. At these unpagen words everything vanished. He was back lying near the riverbank by his home. As he walked to the town he realized it was different, somehow bigger and less familiar. The people strange and unable to answer his questions. He came to realize that some how his night in the mansion under a hill lasted a hundred years. In alarm he made his way to a nearby chapel where is antiquated cloths and manners made worshipers laugh. Then Donald collapsed in a heap of rotting flesh and was quickly buried

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