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Sounds like an interesting book but when he says "The oldest of them is probably the Lil or Lilitu which are desert demons that took various things from humans whether it be life essence, sexual energy, blood and so on. As those ancient cultures declined they sort of combined into the legend of Lilith," Bel iti is the start for this one. she was a sumerian goddess ("My Mistress", goddess of the morning and evening star) who later was called lilitu who was a handmaiden or aspect of inanna the goddess of love. She didn't become a demon until early judaism incorporated her into their mythology as lilith. i guess they didn't appreciate the varied pantheon of their jailors because of their all powerfull jehova (fair do's really). The rest as they say "is history"

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vampire author 306 marduk 04-Nov-04 18:05

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