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New forum policy on bans

Every once in a while we run into the unfortunate situation where we have to ban members for poor conduct at the forum. How this has been handled in the past has been an unstructured process of reviewing posts that repeatedly break our code of conduct for members to share in polite exchanges with their fellow posters.

We have decided to institute a formal process for dealing with members who decide to break the code of conduct repeatedly. This process will only be applied in extreme cases such as personal insults, foul language, and generally persistent vindictive posting on the part of the member.

The member will receive three warnings and on the third offence will be barred from posting for a period of time. At that point the 3 offensive posts will be publicly displayed at the forum with a clear explanation of why each of the posts were in breach of our code of conduct.

The reason we're doing this is so all the members can see for themselves that the banning isn't random or unwarranted. Members may see others banned and have no idea why because they have not witnessed the reoccurring behaviour that led up to the member being dismissed by the moderation team.

I would like to stress that out of the massive amount of traffic and interesting, polite discussions that happen at the numerous forums at this site, the number of members that are actually banned is an extremely small percent. We need to maintain a high standard of quality in the exchanges here to insure that we can attract more of the extremely distinguished authors we've had the pleasure of hosting. This does not in any way mean that we discourage debate, it simply means that any debate must be done within the confines of the code of conduct by all members.

I hope everyone understands the need to do this. We need to ensure that there is a mutual understanding by all members of the reason for these regrettable occurrences.

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